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Top Benefits for Installation of Split System Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioner installation in residences or offices ensure perfect temperature indoors. In such air conditioners the condenser unit remains outside at a more convenient location, be that a wall (where the compressors are hung) or ground or terrace. Some split system ACs even comprise of a number of indoor units and only one condenser that remains outdoors. A person can select the size of the AC depending on the individual room-cooling requirement. First and foremost, thing to do is selecting the indoor unit as per your requirements. As in home a few number of air conditioners may do, but in offices central cooling may be required and for that selecting the multiple indoor units with a single outdoor compressor is the best option.

For normal single rooms a single one ton to one and a half ton split system air conditioner installation is more than enough (depending on the size of the room), but residential spaces with more open spaces can use central cooling as well as multiple domestic units. The temperature regulation system in split AC is very effective as evaporative coil does the air-cooling work and the fan fitted inside the appliance helps in spreading out the cool air throughout the indoor spaces.

split system air conditioner installation.jpg
Split Air Conditioning Installation

Added benefit provided by split air conditioning systems in home and office:

The split system air conditioner installation has several benefits over the conventional ones (especially ductless split air conditioning systems). The ductless ones are especially advantageous for offices. There are mini ductless split air conditioning systems available too for smaller spaces. Both mini and their larger versions of ductless split air conditioners have the following benefits over the regular air conditioners:

  • The split ACs are slim built and are designed to take lesser wall space or floor space and thus are very convenient to be placed just about anywhere.
  • The split systems of air conditioners have their compressors fitted outside the room and one of the biggest advantage of this is that there just absolutely no noise indoors (as the condenser often makes a disturbing noise). The indoor evaporative units are calmer and hence provide noise free environment for added comfort.
  • Windows and walls remain safer with split system air conditioner installation. While installing these ACs there is no need for breaking the windows or creating huge holes in the walls which may disturb the entire look of the house or office. Drilling only one, two or three-inch small hole to connect to the exterior unit is enough. Drilling such hole is safe, and the entire installation process is safer.
  • The ductless system is way smarter than the conventional ducted systems. As no ducts are used to connect the units with each other which means that there is no case of heat losses due to presence of ducts. Only a narrow hole connects the exterior unit with the interior ones, hence no hassle of pipe fittings is there.
  • Split system air conditioner installation is safer in many ways. The conventional AC installation is hazardous and a lot complicated. Whereas with the ductless split ACs it is not only easy but is also time saving (takes almost takes 2-3 hours max). The installation process itself is secured and possesses no safety threats.

The split air conditioners are more energy efficient than the other energy consuming ones. Split AC also comes with energy star ratings which will give a complete idea of how energy efficient and eco-friendly it is. The higher is the energy star the lesser energy is consumed by the cooling units and thus saves electricity bill too.

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