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Practical Ideas That Can Help In Clearing Sewer Blockage In Home

Sewer blockage can be very annoying especially when your kitchen and bathroom overflows with dirty waters. Issues with sewer pipes can cause issues in the entire plumbing system of the house. Problematic sewers lead to overflowing drains very quickly. Clearing such blockages at home can be tricky and need of professional help is required in such cases. Such events are irritating for any homeowner and seeing waste water entering the house from leaking sewers and drains and damaging the home environment is really very upsetting for all of us.

Clearing Sewer Blockage In Home.jpg
Clearing Sewer Blockage

Reason behind Sewer clogging:

Domestic sewer pipes installed at home are wider in diameter and big food particles or loose debris cannot clog them. Only debris having a diameter larger than six to seven inches can clog them. One key reason behind sewer blockage is tree roots growing inside them. Most of the times, it happens that our garden trees grow their root inside the home sewer pipes and block them. The interior of sewer pipes is moistened and warm and excellent atmosphere for tree roots growth and growth of weed trees is provided. Hence, if one single crack is there, the tree roots invade the pipe through that and then grow along inside the pipes leading to critical blockages.

If you face issues related to sewer blockage it would be wise of you to act on it as early as possible, because with passing time such issues only damage the entire plumbing system even further. Following few easy steps can really save your time and help you get rid of the problems.

Easy guiding steps to get rid of sewer pipe blockages:

  • Identify the nature and amount of damage:

The most important step to prevent sewer damage is to identify the key problem in the pipes, i.e. what exactly has blocked the pipelines. Very few homeowners are lucky to find that out before any damage has set in while others just fall prey to ill luck and poor sanitization.

  • Call for professional help:

Cleaning of blocked drains and cleaning sewer blockage are two different things. There are a few DIY tricks for cleaning overflowing drains but blocked sewer pipes are serious matters that will require professional plumber’s help. What homeowners may not achieve after spending hours of time and labour with their DIY kits, plumbing experts can do it in minutes as they are truly the experienced ones. But before hiring anyone ask for free quotation on call and do good background research.

Sewer Blockage In Home .jpg
Sewer Blockage
  • Identify the root cause leading to blockage:

Guesswork about what has jammed the sewer lines does not help much in restricting the damage. The professionals however have useful tools to diagnose the real cause behind the blockage.

  • Employing the best possible treatment to get rid of sewer clogging:

Once the root cause of sewer blockage is identified the best possible treatment needs to be applied. It can be either mechanical or chemical treatment or both of them can be applied in the same time. If problem if fat and other solid particles, then mechanical treatments work best but if problem is tree roots then chemical treatments by using herbicides like Vaporooter treatment can be effective.

These four steps will help you limit the sewer damages to a great extent. With professional help, it will also become easy for you to repair the damaged plumbing system of your home and restore proper living conditions by getting rid of sewer blockage. With best quality plumbing services restricting the sewer line damage is not at all a difficult job.

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