The Process and Advantages of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication is most commonly used these days as this can save time and money and is easy to use. The parts made with metal fabrication can fit better and can also be modified or repaired without much wastage of time. Sheet metal fabrication can be done to different metals like aluminum, mild steel and also stainless steel. The metal sheets which are fabricated can range from a thin gauge of 0.5mm to a thick plate of 4mm, besides which larger ones can also be fabricated. Generally, this fabricated sheet metal is of a thin gauge and low weight, which makes it convenient to transport.

sheet metal fabrication.jpg
Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Process of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Given below are few steps on how this sheet metal fabrication is done.

  1. This process is carried out by burning and cutting of the metal, for which specialized tools like band saws need to be used. These band saws consist of specially hardened blades so that the metal can be cut evenly.
  2. Chop Saws can also be used for cutting as these have an abrasive disk specifically made to cut metals.
  3. Cutting torches used for sheet metal fabrication are able to cut metals in large sections with ease. The total method of sheet metal fabrication consists of shaping, bending, shearing, stamping, and cutting, crimping and stamping of sheet metals. This can then be used to manufacture other metallic products.
  4. Welding is then carried out to tack them in place. This is done using different techniques so as to avoid warping and visual defects.
  5. A special process of straightening is used with the help of an Oxy-acetylene torch.
  6. The warpage, if any, is removed by applying heat in a linear, slow manner. Sand blasting is used for the finishing of the product, after which this is primed and painted.
  7. The finishing touches are given in accordance to the requirement of the customer.
Sheet Metal Fabricate.jpg
Sheet Metal Febricate

Some Benefits of Sheet Metal Fabrication

The multiple benefits offered by sheet metal fabrication makes this an ideal choice.

Malleability and Durability:

Though these sheet metals can withstand high-pressure they tend to be malleable. Architects and designers prefer this as they can be designed into the desired shapes. Sheet metal works out durable as the final process involves sand blasting, painting, priming or even powder coating. These processes make sheet metal resistant to the sun, any type of corrosion and also moisture. They work apt in any weather conditions.

Seamlessness and Modeling

Sheet metal fabrication done in the right manner is able to fit seamlessly with any existing system, this, in other words, means no waste and a seamless fit. Modeling is done with the help of a computer; this ensures precision. This can create components, which are intricate with the systems operating without any flaws.

Low Cost and easily repairable

The durability, efficiency, easy transport, ease of design makes sheet metal fabrication cost effective and enables the customers to obtain a product of their choice. Once these products are used, any defects can be detected easily and the repairs can be done without much labor by using a straight-forward and simple method. The part, which is defective can be replaced easily after repairs without the hassle of dismantling the whole product.

Finding the Manufacturers

There are multiple manufacturers offering sheet metal fabrication and they are listed online with detailed information. You can go through the different sites and find out who works best for your requirement. You have manufacturers who not only manufacture these but also assist in the delivery after assembling. Look for sheet metal manufacturers who are experienced and can provide ultimate satisfaction to customers with their products.

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