Phonak Hearing Aids: Some Tips And Tricks!

Hearing aids are important for people with hearing loss. Long gone are the days when one needed to hold a big and troublesome device such as the ‘ear horns’ and the ‘ear trumpets’ to one’s ear and hoping to hear. Today hearing aids have become sophisticated precision health aid equipment. One such notable company, which makes best quality hearing aid is Phonak hearing aids. It is owned by Sonova and centered in Switzerland. In the US, they are placed in Warrenville, Illinois. They offer an extensive array of hearing aids designed to make the life of deaf people better.

Phonak Hearing Aids.jpg
Phonak Hearing Aid With Audiologist

Here are some common ways in which one can extend the life of their hearing aid ensuring they would work fine for years to come.

Avoid moisture and liquids:

A hearing aid is liable to get damaged if exposed to excessive water or humidity levels. Hence, one must surely remove them before every bath or while swimming. Some manufacturers also provide a dry storage kit for this purpose.

Keep your device clean:

Regularly clean your hearing aid with a clean cloth. Do not use regular cleaning solutions or alcohol. One must use special cleaning liquids available with the audiologist for this purpose, if required. It is a good idea to regularly clean your earwax, as they tend to clog up the unit, which may not allow it to work properly.

Keep Them Away from Deodorants and Lotions:

Your precision Phonak hearing aids may not be compatible with the chemicals present in deodorants, lotions, hair spray and perfumes so it is always a good idea to allow it to dry completely before you put on your device.

Also make sure you take your device in for regular servicing to authorized and certified technicians only. Taking care of your device means your device will take care of you in the years to come.

Phonak Hearing Aid.jpg
Phonak Hearing aid

Some common problems along with their troubleshooting steps of Phonak hearing aids are:

No sound from the hearing aid:

As big this may sound, usually the problem can be fixed very easily. One of the first things to check for is whether the hearing aid is actually switched on or if someone has turned the ‘mute’ settings on. If it still does not fix the problem, then chances are that there might be a problem with the battery. Check whether the battery is ok (It might be a good idea to switch to new batteries and then test). Also, make sure the polarity is right and battery compartment is completely closed.

Distortion in incoming sound:

Another common problem, which is found commonly in hearing devices is sound distortion and noise in the incoming sound. The culprit here too is the battery. Check to see whether the battery is inserted properly. Clean the contacts with a clean tissue and reseat in position. One can also keep the phonak hearing aid separate from the battery for a few hours in a dry storage kit, which will help absorb any moisture from the device.

Squealing or whistling sound:

This particular problem points its fingers towards the device not being placed properly or some kind of fault in the sound tube. The common solution to this problem is to reinsert the hearing aid and use a behind the ear type hearing aid to reinsert the earmold. Sometimes changing the sound tube can also solve this problem.

If even after performing the above troubleshooting steps the problem is not solved or you suspect it’s something else altogether feel free to approach your audiologist with your phonak hearing aids.

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