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Indications of Split System Air Conditioner Care

As global warming rises the temperature to unbelievable levels during summer months (especially in tropical countries) it becomes impossible for all of us to live without air conditioning systems. Now as we look into buying ACs the variety is innumerable but the main division comes down to the basic two: the window AC system, and the Split System Air Conditioner.

If you are looking at best deals on ACs this summer and planning on buying one for your home or office here are a few beneficial features of split ACs that you may want to consider before you take any decisions:

Split System Air Conditioner Care.jpg
Split System Air Conditioner

Advantageous Features of split system air conditioners:

  • Flexibility: These air cooling solutions are more flexible compared to window ACs. They are ductless and hence directly delivers cool air into your home of office rooms unlike traditional ones that force the air ventilation through duct systems. These can be easily installed without changing the construction in the room, and in case of shifting can be uninstalled and again re-fitted in new home. Window ACs are not at all so flexible. These are compact systems which consume lesser space in your home or office as well.
  • Saves electricity bills and nature: Split ACs are available from one star to seven star variants. More number of star means lesser energy consumption. The best split ACs do not even use Freon gases for water cooling which means these ACs are more eco-friendly. In addition, as they consume less electricity they can save up to 75% on your annual electricity bills compared to traditional ones, those old window models that consumes so much of energy and in turn your money.
  • Improved air characteristics: As the split system air conditioner have improved HVAC system it cleans the indoor air of dust, allergens and other air pollutants providing you a safer, cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor air in your home or office.
  • Low on carbon footprints: As mentioned above, these ACs must abide by Energy Star regulations. This simply means that their carbon and carbon byproduct emissions are lesser and are in accord with US federal standards.

Since the split system air conditioners have such great advantages buying and installing them if the most advisable option. There are a variety of brands available that provide great discounts on spit ACs. Just do research, read the reviews and you can buy from any trusted brand after that.

After installation the post installation maintenance of split system air conditioner is highly important. As ACs are expensive devices you don’t want to repair them frequently or change them due to using them callously.

Split System Air Conditioner Installation.jpg
Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Effective Split AC Care Tips:

  • Keep the air ducts, compressor, and the air filters clean: The compressor is the most important part of your split AC, it remains outdoors and is subjected to natural weather fluctuations and dust storms. Make sure you keep it covered and clean it once in every month. Make sure no dry leaves, dust or other debris invade the compressor. The air filters and air ducts are also very crucial parts of the split system air conditioner. A clogged filter or jammed duct can really damage the AC. Hence keep them clean always. Quarterly invest on professional cleaning of these parts.
  • Maintain evaporators and unit fans: Unit fans must be kept fully functional. Any dirt gathered on the fan blades can damage them, the evaporator coils also should be maintained the same way.

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