What Are Car Park Boom Gates And What Are Their Utilities For Parking Areas?

Car park boom gates are structures that are used in driveways or in parking lots to manage parking and to monitor and control the flow of traffic. These car park boom gates are also used in tollbooths and apartments and large residential as well as commercial areas, to manage the rate of traffic, and to avoid any mismanagement of vehicles:

  • There are the newer and better varieties of car park boom gates which are equipped with modern and up to date cameras for having a record and video footage of all the vehicles that move in and out of parking lots and driveways.
  • Along with the manual car park boom gates, there are also the electronically-operated ones that make the operation of these boom gates quite easier, and a security guard does not have to stand for a long time all throughout day and night, as the vehicles move on.
  • These boom gates of different varieties are the best ones to control traffic and vehicle transit in parking areas, in major complexes, in institutional campuses, in corporate offices and also in factories and organizations, in hospitals, airports and also in railway stations in Australia.
Car Park Boom Gates.jpg
Car Park Boom Gates

How do the car park boom gates ensure the security of both the parking lot and for the vehicles?

The car park boom gates provide the highest forms of security to the parking spaces, as well as to the vehicles, as they can prevent the sudden speed of the cars or bikes or trucks, and the installation of these boom gates prevents any form of collision between one vehicle and the other:

  • The boom gates rise in a vertical arc and they are raised to a vertical position, so that it becomes easier for the gate operators to control the vehicular transition.
  • The automatic boom gates can be operated with the help of push buttons, remote controls, with loop detectors, with RFOD readers, and also any other device that can be controlled by a third party, thus making it easier to provide maximum security to the high traffic zones. In fact, these gates provide a barrier that is multi-layered, stopping the chances of any form of minor or major accident.
  • Manual gates are most of the times hanged as hinged gates that operate in a horizontal direction, operating well in areas that have a significant traffic flow.
Boom Gates .jpg
Boom Gates

How to contact the car park boom gate suppliers and manufacturers?

There are many online and offline car suppliers and manufacturers for car park boom gates. They have all the latest technical devices that can be attached to these gates and they know the latest technique for the installation and maintenance of these gates also. In case there is an emergency, company professionals can try out their role in operating and managing the boom gates, especially during emergency situations. When you want to install these gates, however, it is important to see the brand and the company image, as well as the work history of the company, before you assign the installation of the car park boom gates in a certain area. This area could be your residence, or your corporate office, or even your organization or factory.

Uses of boom gates for industrial areas:

Several architects have devised special boom gates only for the industrial areas, where there is heavy traffic, loading and unloading of products and massive movement of workers and clients. These gates are made of strong and durable quality steel, and they are rust-free and do not get affected by any type of weather conditions.

The plug in control boards and the mechanism for engaging and disengaging make the gates really popular in the high traffic zones.

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