Top 8 Features of Automatic Sliding Gates!

Is protection and convenience vital for you? Well, in that case, installing automatic sliding gates for your residential and commercial property can be a good idea. When you add these gates to your property it not only adds luxury to your property but at the same time allows you to have control over who comes into your property. As opposed to the traditional gates that needed regular maintenance, upkeep and manual operation, the automatic sliding gates are just the right choice for your home, office, garage, commercial property and even for your parking lot, as they are easy to operate and maintain, ensuring complete security to your living premises or to your commercial establishments.

Automatic Sliding Gates.jpg
Automatic Sliding Gates

Some of the features of automatic sliding gates are as follows:

  • Various settings available:

Lots of these sliding doors have various settings which you can set according to your need. There will be a setting which will allow you to only open the door for pedestrian or all. It also has free exit loop. This is used when someone is inside your property and wants to exit but cannot without the remote or bothering you. You can customize the designs of the automatic sliding gates, with a timer setting.

  • Occupies less space:

In case space on your driveway is a problem then having automated sliding gates installed can be a good idea. This is because it saves lots of space and offers the property additional security. Traditional gates open inwards which actually requires much space. However, it is not the case with these gates as these gates open horizontally. This refers that you can save a lot of space which can be utilized for parking or for flower beds.

  • Offers anti-crushing and infra red beam security:

The majority of automatic sliding gates come with standard sensors. These sensors help in damage prevention to property and people. The extra infra red beam facility helps to stop the gate while closing if anyone is passing.

  • Highly functional in some conditions:

There are a few instances where it has been found that these gates are more functional as compared to the manual swing gates. These kinds of gates are great for the wide openings in properties like industrial and commercial properties. Also, it is good options where driveways have an upward slope. In short, you can enjoy the benefits of automatic sliding gates during any emergency.

  • Available with backup batteries:

There are some of the automatic sliding gates which come with backup batteries and also solar panels. Selecting these will be a great option. This is because even when there is a power cut, your gate will be able to work the way you wanted.

  • Highly durable:

One thing that you need to know is that these automatic sliding gates are designed and manufactured using precision technology. Durability and functionality are the two important things considered while making these gates. Automatic sliding gates are made of aluminum, steel or even PVC, and they are quite sturdy and durable, as they can withstand any physical pressure and climatic force.

  • Swing or slide with just one button:

The best part of installing such gates for your driveway is that it is possible to swing or slide the gate with just one touch of the button.

  • Control features:

The best part of these gates is that it is available with various control features such as phone in activation and radio remote control. You can use these according to your requirements.

You will notice that there are lots of choices available when it comes to automatic sliding gates. These are usually available in materials like wood or metal to blend well with the residential or commercial property. You can choose best automatic sliding gates from the gate-designing companies.

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