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Top 4 Unique Ways To Clear Blocked Drains

One of the very annoying and unpleasant things is having blocked drains.  There are many drain-cleaning equipment as well as drain-cleaning ingredients used by professionals, but you must choose only a certified cleaning expert to unclog your drain.

  • Before knowing the ways to solve the problem of blogged drains it is essential for you to know the causes of the same.
  • You should by no means flush down the things that are big than that of the human waste. There are some of the things that you should not flush down the toilet like nappies, children toys, cigarette butts, paper towels, sanitary towels, feminine products, thick tissues, hand wipes, etc.
  • These all things when flushed leads to blocked drains in the toilet.
  • Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure that you do not flush anything other than the toilet paper. In case by mistake if you drop something in the toilet, then, take it out rather than flushing it. If you do not take care of such small things there are chanced that in order to remove the clog it will require removal of big wall section or piping.
Clear Blocked Drains
Clear Blocked Drains By Plumber

Here are some of the ways through which you can solve the problem of blocked drains:

  1. Use traditional method:

One of the traditional methods of cleaning the drains that are blocked is using a plunger. The plunger is forced into the block through the plumbing pipe. When the pressure is applied the air from the pipe will help in clearing the clog. Prior to going ahead with this make sure that you cover the overflow using a cloth as this will act as a seal and the air will be able to successfully remove the blockage. You must try this few times to get good results. Many drain cleaning specialists till today consider this as one of the most successful techniques.

      2. Go organic:

In order to clean the drains that are blocked, you can just make use of soap and boiling water. Be careful while doing this as there are chances that you might burn yourself or the sink seal can melt.

Apart from this one more things that you can do is to use natural enzymes. Mix salt, bi-carb, vinegar and hot water and pour it into the sink. This method is an eco-friendly one, and it does not lead to any kind of chemical contamination of the environment. Moreover, organic products are also safe for your health, as you do not suffer from nausea or suffocation, as and when you apply these into the drain. Apart from that, you will also find some enzyme cleaners at the local chemist or general stores. These are very good for cleaning the blocked drains. These products when used usually smell very pleasant.

       3. Using chemical based products:

There are some of the commonly used chemical products easily available at the hardware stores are hydrochloric acid, drain-o, caustic soda, etc. For using these you need to pour the product into the drain, allow it to remain for around half an hour and then flush cold water. Before using such products make sure you have read the instructions. Make sure that you carefully follow the instructions.

Plumber for Clearing Block Drains
Plumber for Clearing Block Drains

       4. Contact the nearest plumber which is the best option:

Get in touch with the licensed and reputable plumber to clear blocked drains. They are the professionals and so they have the tools and knowledge to clear clogged drains effectively.

When you hire such experts you do not have to take the pains involved in cleaning the blocked drains. There are many ways to clean drain, but personal concern and the ability to maintain your drain by keeping it clean everyday, are the best ways to keep your drain unblocked.

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