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How To Prevent A Toilet Blocks By Applying Effective Drain Cleaning Methods?

Clogged toilets are the result of things that are thrown into the toilet which clog them up, like tissues, wet wipes, diapers, feminine products or even lots of toilet paper. Sometimes, some of these products do mention that they can be flushed but they still cause the toilets to clog. It is necessary not just to keep the toilet clean and debris-free, but you must also try out regular cleaning and unblocking methods after every three or four days, to keep your toilet clean.

Drain Cleaning For Unblock Toilet
Drain Cleaning For Unblock Toilet

How to keep your toilet clean and unblocked? Some preventive methods

  • Incase of heavy bowel movement, one should flush twice to prevent a single large flushing. You should also use light paper rather than heavy 4 ply plush paper. Incase a lot of toilet paper is used, it is better to make sure that they are disposed into the garbage vat, and not inside the commode. Moreover, you should try to pour at least two buckets of water into the toilet, along with flushing the debris out.
  • You should also install flush cleaners. These are placed in the cistern and every time the toilet is flushed, it gets cleaned as well. This not only goes a long way to ensure the toilet is unclogged but also that the toilet is maintained spic and span.
  • A drain cleaner should be used incase hair and soap gets into the toilet. There are different types of drain cleaners available. The first type is the manual type, which contains like a suction cup with a handle and this due to the vacuum created, sucks up all the dirt in the pipe.
  • The other method is an acid mixture which is poured down the drain so that it dissolves whatever is there and allows for the drain to be free flowing.
  • One should never flush things like grease, fat, oil, hair, waste food or even floss or coffee grounds in the toilet. These collect in the pipe without getting flushed. In case you see water retention around the spouts of the drain, or if water overflows in the anti-clockwise direction, and settles around the spout, then you should call the drain-cleaning professionals to get rid of smelly toilets.
Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning

Throwing of plastic or foreign objects into the toilet must be prohibited:

  • The main culprit for clogged toilet drains when one has kids is that the kid flushes toys and plastics down the toilet. Therefore, to avoid it, one should always keep the toilet seat closed when not in use.
  • The toilet tank should not be used to store stuff – there are people who store soap dishes, jewellery, cleaners, shampoos, make up items etc. on the toilet tank as it doubles up as a shelf in the toilet. However, the danger in doing so is that, there are chances of these items falling into the toilet bowl and clogging it.
  • Slow or weak flushes are a sure sign that the toilet is going to clog. Therefore, one should take steps immediately on noticing it. One should use a plunger. There are two types of plungers. The flat ones without protrusions are used for sinks and those that have a neck like end are used for toilets as they create an airtight seal.
  • These plungers help to dislodge whatever particles or items are clogging the toilet. Once the plunger has been used vigorously a few times, then it should be flushed to get rid of those items which were clogging the drain in the first place itself.

If you do not take precautions about cleaning and maintaining the toilet everyday, then you have to shell out huge money in hiring the drain-cleaning experts or the plumbers.


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