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Top Ways To Install Window Air Conditioner System

If you live in a place that is hot or humid, you would surely want to have an air conditioner. Wiki defines an air conditioner as, “a device that lowers air temperature. Air conditioning occurs by altering the properties of air namely, the temperature and humidity.” The idea of air conditioning has been there since the time of the Egyptians. The Egyptians hung moistened reed by their windows. The evaporation led to the cooling of the outside air. The Ancient Romans, constructed aqueducts that passed beside the home walls. This type of construction was used to cool the outside walls that resulted in the cooling of the building’s interiors.

Two types of popularly used air conditioning units are:

  • Window Air Conditioner
  • Split Air Conditioner

Read on more to find out how a window air conditioner can be installed.

Air Conditioner System
Air-Conditioner Installation

Window Air Conditioner:

A window air conditioner is the cheapest variant, and it is a great option for small houses, rooms that are difficult to reach, or guest houses. Central air systems are costly solutions to cooling. Window air conditioners offer quick and reliable ways to cool your room. These are very easy to install and easy to remove as well. Here are few tips on how you can install a window air conditioner.

  1. Find a windows air conditioner that best suits your room.

Window a/c units come in various capacities. You will need to choose a capacity based on the size of the room it will need to cool. You will need to first calculate the tonnage of air conditioner required by using an air conditioner. There are many sites online that offer online calculators. In order to do this, you will need the exact length and breadth of the room you are planning to install the window air conditioners in. If your room has an additional room or archway, be sure to add that to the total dimensions as well. By providing the room’s dimensions, you will be able to calculate the BTU power that you will need. You can decrease the BTU rating by 10% if your room is facing a shaded area.

  1. Consider an air conditioner with higher energy efficiency (EER).

All air conditioners are rated for energy efficiency. The higher the EER the better the unit is in terms of saving energy and lowering your electricity bills. However, please note that a highly efficient air conditioner has low EER and will consume more power than the greener units.

Window Air Conditioner System
Installation of Window Air Conditioner

3.The Installation:

    1. Get someone to help you with the unpacking. It is better to get some help rather than risking dropping the air conditioning unit at any time.
    1. If your air conditioning unit comes with brackets, install them first.
    1. If your air conditioning unit is meant to sit on your windowsill, then slide the air conditioner through until the rear of the unit is completely outside. The unit must fit correctly.
    1. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on levelling the unit. Some units are meant to tip on the outside to allow easy drainage of condensation. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions, as certain models do not require the unit to have a tilt on the outside.
    1. If you have any open space between the window and air conditioning unit, use plywood to seal the spaces. Ensure that the plywood is sealed well.

Plug the unit in. Since air conditioning units require high power, always plug them into high circuit units. However, remember not to plug them into high circuit units used by other major appliances such as, refrigerators, or vacuum cleaners. Remember to clean the air conditioners air filter regularly to keep the unit working in optimal condition.


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