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Ultimate Guide to Timber Doors Repair And Maintenance

Timber doors repair is not really difficult for the smaller issues but on the bigger scale, taking an entire door off and then repairing it is no joke. These doors are heavier as compared to regular doors and so you need to exercise a lot of caution. But keep in mind that all kinds of timber doors do suffer from issues over the years. In fact, even the new doors have some kind of minor issues like swelling up in the humid weather or rainy season because of the air. So here’s a definitive guide on the same.

Timber Doors Repair
Timber Doors Repair

Do you need professional help?

This depends from case to case in terms of the timber doors repair. In most cases, you do not really need a handyman as long as you take care of the minor things. But the repair that is on a large scale, which requires the door to be taken off completely, and then sawed and shaped up again, could require a smoother hand. It is best not to try doing this yourself if your hand on carpentry is not that good. In such cases, things could go wrong where you may mess up the door by uneven thawing or even worse injure yourself in the process of repairing.

Yes, the handyman or a professional carpenter can charge you a bit in the process, but it makes sense as long as you get a long term solution. Again, in this case, a professional might be your best bet to understand and evaluate the nature of your door repair. For instance, some timber doors repair is not really relevant if the door has become too old or there has been a termite attack. In both these cases, you might be advised to switch over to a new door.

Timber Doors Repair And Maintenance
Timber Doors Repair And Maintenance

When to handle DIY repairs?

There are also cases when the timber doors repair can be handled yourself and this includes scenarios where the door makes too much of creaking sound or there is trouble in shutting or opening the door because of the same swelling up issue. In such cases, here’s what you can do-

The first thing in this scenario is to check the cause of the creaking noise arising from the door. If the reason seems to be a loose screw, then you just need to get your tool set and tighten up the same. This process is not time consuming and almost anyone can do it. The other option here is to oil the latches and the door holders because they need lubrication. You can opt for turpentine or any other similar kind of oil here.

In case the door has trouble in opening or shutting, it could be because of the weather, especially extreme humid conditions, the door has expanded slightly. In such cases, you can opt for natural drying methods, such as allowing more sunshine into the area for timber doors repair or simply take out the door and lay it out in the sun to help it get back to its regular shape.

Another option that you can implement here is to use a sand paper to lightly reduce the bulge that has formed. In this case, you do not really take up too much of the area or change the door size drastically, but you can still get rid of the squeaky door issue.

So with these simple solutions, you can handle the timber doors repair yourself – and that too without much of fuss or added costs. But if nothing works properly, it is best to hire a professional for the timber doors repair, to get the required results.


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