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Benefits of Choosing Ducted Air Conditioning

Your home needs the right amount of cooling during the warm summer months but it also comes with its share of problems and this is where ducted air conditioning works out to be a better option in cooling your home. There are different kinds of options available for your home cooling. Some of these include the split types of air conditioners and then there are the evaporative coolers along with window air conditioners and finally the ducted central air systems. What happens here is that as technology advances, the trends of HVAC have also changed. And more and more home-owners prefer to use or get the ducted options.

So, how do you really choose the kind or type of air conditioning that would be appropriate for your home? So to solve this, here is a comparative overview of the ducted air conditioning with others-

Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted Air-Conditioning

Duct VS Other cooling options

When it comes to the battle of the ducts within split types of air conditioners, the split system is often referred to as the high-wall of air conditioners. The reason for the same is that it is actually mounted on a wall and another external component. There are 2 pieces here that are synced or connected using different electric cables and 2 pipes for charring the refrigerant. In this type of cooling system, you have restricted amount of cooling options. You would need an external condenser and keep placing the same wherever you need the cooling. On the other hand, the ducted air conditioning comes with a more compact unit that is placed in one central part of the house and the cool air reaches the different corners via the duct.

Ducted Air Conditioning System
Ducted Air-Conditioning System
  • The ducted air conditioning unit basically features an internal system that is also known as the fan coil. You can install the same on the roof, which gives you the benefit of cooling and heating a single room using the zoning method and not worry about the need to put up separate cooling systems.
  • However, there are a few factors that come into consideration here. There is no doubt that placing or keeping a single unit system, be it the split or the window kind of air conditioner, would be a cheaper option for you. But what happens here is that, it is not feasible in the long run. You have to manually operate different set ups across the house, whereas with the ducted air conditioning, you deal with only one.
  • The split or the other air conditioners are also on the lower end of the pricing unit. This works for smaller apartments where you don’t have to bother with the cooling too much. But if you are living in one of the bigger homes or houses, then you really need an option that works out to be more viable.
  • The entire house or commercial enterprise is cooled using the ducted air conditioning, which works out to be more feasible in the long run and if you do the math, it is revealed that you save more because you work in a temperature controlled zone and the entire area is cooled at one go. You benefit with the option of turning off the switches for areas where the cooling is not needed and switch it on as per your requirement. So this is a win-win scenario for you in either case.

On the whole, if you are looking for a comprehensive system that cools the entire house, along with parts needed on a decent budget, then ducted air conditioning is the best option here. Click here for more information about ducted air conditioning.


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