Fixing and Maintaining Your Automatic Gates

All kinds of automatic gates have regular problems like the classic gates that you open manually. A lot of people are under the assumption that just because the gate is functioning automatically, there is really no need for repairing the same. However, these gates are very much similar in nature to your regular car engines. So you have to ensure that you give them a bit of care and attention. The first step here would be the installation of these automatic gates, which should be left to professionals. They know the best as how to fix up the entire automatic gate set up and ensure that there are no loose ends here. Or else, you just find yourself dealing with a manual gate in a few weeks because of malfunctioning. Along with the above, here are some other tips for taking care of these gates-

Automatic Gate
Automatic Gate For Home

Pests, Ants And Insects Free

You have to ensure that you keep the gate clean. This in particular refers to the insects and the little ants and vermin’s that you see crawling around the garden. For you, it may seem that these creatures just do their own thing and why you should bother with them – but the problem is if you don’t bother with them, they make tiny little holes in your sensors, the operational box and other electrical circuits which affect the functioning of the gate. So ensure that you regularly clean your automatic gates with a clean cloth, especially the boxes and spray chemicals such as insecticide in these areas to drive away the creatures. Pests too are a problem for these gates, especially if you have too much of greenery around. You might find a few wires torn apart or chewed upon merrily by racoons. So keep the main sensor in a location where pests and other animals cannot access the same.

Cleaning Automatic Gates

The cleaning process of these gates is not extensive, but it requires regular care. Be it any kind of garage door, huge garden doors or your main door, you have to ensure that the cleaning process is done properly. In particular, you notice that most of the sliding automatic doors are prone to damage because of the debris accumulating under the sliders. So watch out for signs of mud, debris, stones, etc. and clean them out regularly.

Automatic Gates
Cleaning Automatic Gate

Switch to Manual mode

The beauty of these automatic gates is that they surely get you on the lazy mode. But one thing to keep in mind here is that apart from using remote, you should also let these gates operate on the manual mode and rest your sensors. This could be during blackouts or even when your annual service is due. You should operate the gates on manual mode too, so that you are aware of the manual release operations. It also helps the gate work properly via physical force.

Technical Glitches

All of a sudden you find that your automatic gates are not opening or there is some issue with the remote because it is acting in a weird way. In such cases, check the battery whether it needs to be changed. If so, do the needful. But in spite of changing the battery, if it is still not functional properly, there’s something wrong with either the sensor or automatic box or the remote. Calling a professional is best here because you don’t want to switch careers to electrical engineering and experiment with the repairs, unless you are a certified one.

So keep these easily doable DIY fixing ideas for your automatic gates to ensure that your gates function properly. Click here for more details about automatic gates.


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