Evaporative Cooling: Take Care Of The Most Effective Way To Cool You

There are two essential aspects which sets evaporative cooling apart from the other forms of artificial cooling. Firstly, they cost less than half of any other forms of effective cooling to install and secondly, they are extremely cheap to run. Evaporative cooling apparatus and machineries use the same principal to cool down machines and buildings which is used in human body to naturally cool down: Perspiration and the eventual evaporation of sweat. This is simple but a highly effective way to bring down the temperature.

Evaporative Cooling


Here are some tips to ensure that they keep running the best of its ability for a long time in the future:

  • Adjusting the flow:

Adjust the louvres or vents based on the most effective way to cool your room as it will ensure that the evaporative cooler performs to its maximum efficiency. Make sure that direction in which the air is directed allows for easy circulation of air. Thus allowing for effective cooling.

  • Maintenance:

It is very important to make sure that you regularly maintain your evaporative cooling. Invest in finding a good Cooling specialist who would provide regular maintenance or repairs to your cooler. This point is very important to increase the life of your evaporative cooler. This becomes even more important if your area water is high in mineral content or very dusty. As this can have serious consequences for machine.

  • Effective movement of air:

Unlike an air-conditioner one needs to ensure that the air in the room is replenished from outside. Also one need to make sure that the circulating cooled air in the rooms is allowed to escape as well. This is because stale air will quickly become saturated with water and reduces the effectiveness of the evaporative cooling machine which needs low humid air conditions to perform effectively. Sometimes, it may occur that the air outside is cooler than the air in the room. In these cases, it is best to turn off the water pump and just run the fan instead. In order to maintain the effectiveness of your unit it also important to carry out some basic maintenance from time to time.

Evaporative Cooling System

Here are some tips for maintaining your evaporative cooling unit both before and after seasonal usage.

Before summer or usage:

  • Open and remove all outside covers
  • Take out the filter pads and make sure that you thoroughly clean them.
  • Clean the sump and water bleeder.
  • Refit the unit and refill with fresh clean water
  • If your area has excessively hard water do use a water softener.

After summer or usage:

  • Disconnect all outlets from the machine
  • Clean up all slime and sludge from the pipes and pumps
  • Sedimentation is a common occurrence and hence must be effectively taken care of.
  • Cover up the unit to safeguard from external weather elements.

Some general maintenance requirements:

The correct maintenance of the evaporative cooling unit is a very important job. Ensure that it is cleaned after a maximum interval of six months. Special attention must be given to the cleaning process involved in cleaning the evaporative pads, the filters and the water basin inside the unit.  The evaporative cooler is highly susceptible to corrosion due to the constant air and water circulation. Care must be taken to ensure that regular checks are performed to make sure that the unit is corrosion free.

The above tips will ensure that your beloved evaporative cooling unit will last a long time and provide you with cool air for your comfort. So go here and get your cooling system secured in the long run.


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