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How Do You Clean The Blocked Drain Naturally?

Natural ways of clearing a blocked drain is a healthier and greener way of life. You already are aware of the many chemicals and toxins that tend to line up the pipeline and create issues of clogging. Using natural methods is one of the best ways to keep your drain clear. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here. One is that you should make sure that you are implementing this cleaning process on a regular basis. The second is that you should remember to use the ingredients in the right quantity or else you will not be able to get the desired results. There are many blocked drain specialists whom you can consult, and you can hire them from the local plumbing agencies and also search for the cleaning professionals from the internet.

Blocked Drain

 Steps to Clean the Blocked Drain Naturally:

If you want to clean your blocked drain, then you must hire some cleaners. Else you can use some natural way to clean the drain. For this process, you will need ½ a packet of baking soda or about ½ c and also about 1 cup of vinegar. You can use either white or apple cider here. Along with this, you will also need a liter of hot boiling water.

Step One

The first step here is to take the boiling water and pour it down the drain. Doing so is vital to help in starting off the process of clearing. The hot water takes care of the sides of the drains and clears up the pipes too.

Step Two

Not the next process of the blocked drain clearing would be mixing together your baking soda and the vinegar. You should mix them well to form a nice paste and then pour it down the drain.

Step Three

After you have poured it down the drain, you have to cover the drain plug. This is important because the chemicals in the vinegar along with the baking soda are creating a reaction in the drain. When you clean the blocked drain through this process, you will find some automatic acidic reaction and you must wait for some minutes. It will get cleaned up automatically after few hours.

Step Four

Once the 10-minute period is over, you should uncover the drain and then pour in some hot water again. This ensures that all the unclogged components get washed down with ease. And this way, you will be able to clear a blocked drain the natural way.

Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

How does It Work?

Basically the hot water gets everything loose and aids the process of easier passage. When you use vinegar and baking soda, it creates an acidic reaction and it helps you to clean the bacterial infection as well as clean the blocked drain properly.

How to Unclog your Blocked Brain and Keep them Clean?

  • There are a lot of other ways available in which you can keep the drain clean. One of the best options would be to substitute the vinegar mentioned above with lime or lemon juice. It gets you a fragrant smell and also helps in keeping the area fragrant.
  • The idea of using natural cleaners is to prevent the already toxin blocked drain from getting worse. These are gentle on the metal and also prevent any kind of side effects, which are common when using commercial cleaners.
  • You can also try pouring down boiling hot water with lemon and some fragrant lemon peel in it. Strain the water before you pour it down or else it will lead to more clogging.

It is important touse natural and herbal ingredients for cleaning your drain, as chemical substances can corrode the sides of the drain pipes. Before hiring the cleaning professionals, you must compare their price and allow the work accordingly.


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