What are the reasons for water leakage, and how to detect it?

Water leak detection is mandatory for any household or commercial premise, as prolonged water leakage may damage the pipelines and also lead to bacteria and mild formation around the taps and near the mouth of the water pipes. You will often see that the side walls in many of the houses develop a damp patch and the foremost reason for this phenomenon is water leaking from the faulty pipes. The problem of water leakage is a grave one and it will be prudent for us to know as much as possible about it.

water leak detection
Water Leak Detection

Reasons for water leakage

  • Changes in temperature: in any household the availability of both hot and cold water is a must. But what we forget here is that the medium through which they reach us is the same pipe. So these changes in the temperature may have an adverse effect on the pipe and may cause them to actually break or develop cracks which can lead to seepage of water. Moreover, if there are sudden changes in the weather conditions, then also water leak detection is required. This is the reason, in colder countries, pipes often crack in winter due to contraction and freezing and this is one reason that necessitates a good water leak detection system.
  • Sudden changes in water pressure: another reason for breaking of pipes is unchecked and unregulated water pressure. If the pressure of water which moves through the pipes and if it is not checked regularly and if it exerts more and more pressure on the pipes, then there is a good chance for the pipes to break.
  • Unchecked pipes: whether you buy steel pipes or the PVC ones, they have a certain life span. This is why you should know how to maintain and keep them in good shape. Due to wear and tear they become weak over the years and therefore, if you don’t keep a tab on them then there is a good chance that water might leak from them. One thing that can help you in knowing when to change them is water leak detection which will let you know if there are any leaks.
water-leak detection
Water leakage

How to detect water leak?

  • Look at the toilets: it might sound a little weird but toilets play an integral part in the whole water leak detection process. The best way to understand if there is any leakage in or around the toilet is by simply removing the top of the toilet and listen to the sound of water. If you hear a hissing sound, then you can be sure that there is a leak. The best thing to understand about water leak detection is to locate the area and repair it as soon as possible.
  • Check your house: another device that helps in water leak detection are the hose bibs. You can generally find it at the back and front of the house but the number of hose bibs can depend on the design and requirement of the house. Hence, here you have to check each one of them to find the leak. You will find a gushing or hissing sound that will indicate that there is a leakage. Moreover, if you see water dripping from here, then it would be wise to call your plumber.
  • Check the taps around your house: another potent indicator of water leak is the taps around your house. You need to check if water is dripping from them or not when they are totally shut off. If you see that water is initially dripping from the taps, which will not be a major issue.

But if you see that this dripping is persisting even after a long time then you have a problem. Visit this link for getting best ideas or solutions about water leakage.


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