Timber Door Repairs To Ensure Your Door Is As Good As The Original

A wooden door is still the door of choice for many for its aesthetic looks, ease of availability, durability and the old world charm that it oozes so effortlessly. Timber doors are available in many colors and designs, but they need to be repaired and maintained, especially during the monsoons. For instance, during the seasons of heavy rainfall, you can ask the timber doors repairs professionals to come and repair a sticking door.

However, with inferior quality wood making it to the markets under the garb of low prices and being sold to unassuming people creates a lot of problems. Timber doors repair is also suggested in case of too much moisture accumulation and swelling, warping and bending of the door. This is especially true in case of hot and humid climates.

Timber Door Repairs
Timber door repair

How do the doors rot?

Doors usually tend to rot form the bottom because that is where the water usually runs or stagnates and it is also the bottom that is often not given a coat of protective paint or is not applied properly.

  • Repairing of these rotten parts usually requires removal of the entire effected part. Other parts of the door may crack or the paint may be removed in areas regularly exposed to sun and harsh climates. This may lead to the paint being peeled off or lightening of clear finishes.
  • Problems also arise when the wooden door and frame rub against each other due to poor sealing or fitting and the problem exacerbates with the timber swelling in harsh weather. Paint buildup also interferes with proper door operation.
  • Loose or improperly installed door hinges can cause the door to sag and not close properly or make noise while opening or closing. Uneven shrinkage can also cause problems. Repeated use and wear and tear or damage due to impact of heavy object, can also lead to timber doors repair.

Restoration of doors to their original quality:

While some door repairs can be easily handled by a DIY enthusiast, yet others require professional help to determine the exact cause of damage, its extent and proposed repairs or replacement. Most repairs require fillers, sanding and painting but these if done by an experienced professional can produce desired and durable results. In case of timber doors repair, when the door swells up, you need to be extra cautious about the edges, the corners of the door and the hinge areas which need to be repainted after they are abraded with sandstone paper.

Timber door repairs
  • A good repair job can restore your beautiful wooden doors back to their original quality and finishes thus avoiding the high costs of replacements or buying a new wooden door which is often expensive.
  • Exterior wooden doors should be repaired such that the original finish is maintained. it is always preferable to install these exterior doors in recessed openings so that they can be saved from weather. Traditional building requiring timber door repairs require a greater degree of precision.
  • The original door frames, letter boxes, handles, door knobs etc. need to be preferably repaired and in case need replacements should be matching the originals as far as possible.

In some cases, not only restoring to original looks but greater features may require to be incorporated during repairing a timer door. New locks may require to be installed; automatic door closers and provision for fanlights at the top or glass panels on the top rail may be required. Similarly, in order to increase the functionality of the door one can install brush barriers on the bottom to reduce air draught and noise. No matter how small the door repair job seems to be, it is always better to call the professional for timber door repairs.

There are many points to consider, before you buy the timber doors. You can search from the online portals to get an idea about timber doors repairs.


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