What are the features and benefits of split system air conditioner?

A split system air conditioner is the most awaited gadget that you need to install in your home or office, especially during the scorching summer months. It maintains the thermal comfort as well as the internal air quality. In general, an air conditioner is a device to lower the temperatures, which is obtained through refrigeration cycle. The split system air conditioners are the perfect options when compared to the conventional a.c. units, as they are available in slim line mode and you do not require digging a hole into the wall for its installation. Pollution gets minimized, and there is almost no loss of energy through the ducts.

heating and cooling
Spit system air conditioner
  • It absorbs all the solar energy and heats up the underlying medium using a solar collector.
  • A copper coil is used internally and a Freon from the compressor, which manages the heat, exchange.
  • Freon exchanges the entire heat and helps in either heating or cooling of the entire system through solar collector. It is applicable for all natural weather conditions and environments.
  • It adopts a top range of heat exchanging system. The internal thread pipe, the optimal heat exchange and the hydrophilic aluminum fin helps in reducing the energy loss.
  • Improves the efficiency and performance of the device while conditioning very conveniently.
  • Conventional air conditioning systems consumes high deal of energy and also increases the electricity bill to a great extent, while the split system air conditioners are designed by the professionals utilizing many ultra modern technologies to utilize the energy competently.
air conditioning
Split air conditioner system

Automatic self-cleaning

All split air conditioner systems consists of internal brush that automatically cleans the air conditioners and removes all the dust from air filter so that the air emitted from the air conditioner is completely dust-free and maintains a stable airflow throughout. This also reduces one of the causes for high power consumption, as a result of which you can save a lot on your monthly utility bills.

Ventilation becomes easier with the split system air conditioner:

The air supply fan for this system is situated outside of the room, which reduces the noise inside the home. The incoming air can be brought to the desired temperature for more enhanced levels of comfort and any huge room can be brought into the required temperature within as least as 2 hours of time and also the filtered air is ejected out which is devoid of many disease causing micro-organisms present in the outside environment. It allows automatic open and close air outlet to prevent dust accumulation.


It just does not let you; your throat and your skin dry out in chilling temperatures set inside. It also provides the sufficient humidification to keep you warmer as well as healthy.

The Coanda effect

This is more specific to the split system air conditioners as one can set the streaming air faced upwards towards the ceiling and help the distribution of the air flow evenly throughout the room in the same time. If you have a very big room and want the entire room to get cool, then split air conditioners is best suited for this purpose than any other.

Moreover, you can avail purified air and the split system of air conditioner is capable of either humidifying or dehumidifying the air as desired in almost no time. There are always advanced technologies coming in with every new model being developed that help in some or other way in maintaining the temperature and your mood in perfect balance throughout your stay. There are multiple online portals, from where you can get every detail about how to install the air conditioners, keeping in mind the size and color of your rooms.

Moreover, when you buy split system air conditioners, you must also know about the service terms and conditions to maintain your air conditioner in a proper way.


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