What are the different types of heating and cooling systems, and how to maximize their utility?

Extreme weather conditions demand dwelling places to have an efficient heating and cooling systems installed to make them comfortable. At the same time, such a system should be designed, installed and used in a way that it optimizes use of energy resulting in least energy bills. Apart from energy-saving and mitigating the consumption costs related to electricity, you must also install such heating and cooling systems in your house that they are environment-friendly, and they do not give rise to bacteria or mods inside your rooms.

Heating and Cooling (Air Conditioner)
Heating and Cooling (Air Conditioner)

Let us see how heating and cooling really works and effective ways to optimize the energy:

Heating- how it works?
There are two ways a place gets heated- by radiation or convection. Under radiation, direct heat waves heat the object and the air circulates and creates a feeling of warmth. Every room requires a different treatment for heating-be it a bathroom, study room, living room. Heaters are the most convenient option to use as it circulates air and keep the place ventilated. One can chose from a gas heater, heat pumps or wood heaters.

• Some may opt to use a central heating system in their entire home which proves a costly affair if the house is big and there are people, who use the underfloor or underground heating system, where the heat spreads universally into all directions.
• Duct heating is another alternate used. The ducts are built in prominent corners of the home and the heat is circulated through various opening in floor or ceiling.

• Gas Boilers is also used where heated water is circulated around the house through pipes and radiators to heat the place. In slab heating though very effective and cheap can be installed in newly constructed building. Hydraulic pumping speeds up the rate of hydroponic heating, where warm water is transmits warm air all throughout the rooms.

heating and cooling
Heating and Cooling

How does the process of cooling mechanism work?

Maintaining the cool temperatures through mechanical means like fans, coolers, air conditioners, refrigerated systems, ducted units and multiple head air conditioner are some of the popular ways.

Effective ways to optimize energy bills

We would be surprised to find how a few smart options minimize or eliminate use of cooling and heating units. Let us have a look at few of them below

• Use geothermal cooling and heating equipment- They may prove expensive to install, however since they use heat from deep beneath the earth’s surface as energy source, they pay you back in the long run in form of reduced energy bills, cleaner and greener environment and a high value for your home
• Use passive cooling and heating alternates as much as possible like Draught Proofing, insulation of walls, roofs and floors, use of thermostats, boiler programmers, keeping the house shaded in extreme sun, letting the winter sun in winters, use the heaters in room which is being in use and keeping door closed to prevent energy from going out.

Opting for energy-efficient houses:

Energy efficient houses are the best alternate to reduce on mechanical cooling and heating. The modern technology now used in building homes has made it possible to incorporate energy efficient feature while in construction. Keep your cooling and heating units in good conditions and never keep them on while you are away and keep yourself dressed in cotton, so that you do not require a cooling system at all. Keep the doors and windows closed if any of the heater or air conditioner working in a room

There are so many options of heating and cooling and as every building has a different layout, surrounding and need, we must hire a specialist in this field to guide us through the most cost efficient system.


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