Best Installation And Usage Commercial Kitchen Canopy

Commercial kitchen canopy is basically an appropriately designed and installed ventilation system. They are an essential part of any commercial or catering kitchen. These canopies enable busy kitchens to function efficiently, safely and provide a comfortable working place for staff. They are designed to remove heat, steam and grease generated while cooking, dishwasher systems and other kitchen equipment.  Their most essential requirement is extraction system that removes carbon monoxide gases produced while cooking using gas appliances.

kitchen canopy
Commercial kitchen canopy

While choosing and installing the commercial kitchen canopy the following should be considered:

  • Usage of Gas or electric equipment: the type of fuel used to cook determines the type of system to be installed
  • Consult with the local authority: their inspection and consultation is imperative as they suggest the exact type to avoid any future noncompliance acts and removal of the system.
  • Choose grease filters carefully: The type of filter usage help reduce grease carry over. Grease is difficult to be cleaned. Therefore lesser amount of grease increases the efficiency of the canopy.
  • Powerful fan in ventilation system: the fan should be of correct size and should have easy to access for cleaning.

Speed controller and ducted odor emission:

Fit an appropriate speed controller that reduces energy consumption. Keep duct run to minimum. It makes cleaning easier.  These ducts should be regularly maintained and inspected. The cleaning records should be easily assessable for insurance inspection. Sensitivity towards the environment and neighbors: Should be positioned at high level outlets and be fitted with odor control filters to reduce odor emissions to acceptable levels. An extraction system should work effectively to suck in fresh air and emit odors efficiently. Regular inspection and cleaning of air vents ensures ample air supply. Gas equipment generates air combustion that produces carbon monoxide which is harmful. Therefore kitchen air ventilation is essential. Gas Safety Ventilation Interlock System should be fitted to commercial kitchen ventilation system that prevents gas equipment usage in the event of a ventilation system failure.

Factors to be considered while designing a kitchen ventilation system

There are many aspects that go into designing a commercial kitchen. These kitchens have to follow a standard norm and violating those can lead to heavy fines or suspension till corrections are made.

  • The few most important ones are – the number of staff and the workload in the kitchen, the type of cooking equipment being used, shape and layout of the kitchen, requirement for regular and easy maintenance and cleaning and should be energy efficient etc.
  • While designing a commercial kitchen, a good quality exhaust canopy is extremely important. There are wide range of canopies available with state of art UV system technologies that eliminates grease and odor from the exhaust air. The commercial kitchen canopy helps reduce operating, cleaning and maintenance costs, reduce health and fire risks and eliminate odors etc.
  • An efficient ventilation design systems should include stainless steel extractor canopy or hood, good ventilation duck work, carbon filtration systems, air circulation and emission system, speed controller, fire suppressant system, head lighting and odor control units etc.

Since these ventilation systems are must in any commercial set ups, there are many installers who provide regular maintenance service for insurance compliance purposes. As per the regulations these canopies must be cleaned every 6 months. These regular cleaning and servicing reduces fire risk, provides improved ventilation for smoke control and odor control, helps removal of the food source that attracts insects and rodents, and prevents costly breakdowns.

An adequate commercial kitchen canopy should be able to remove cooking fumes and excess hot air. An adequate supply of air makes the kitchen environment healthy and safe for the working staff, should be easy to maintain and should be noise and vibration free. Get more details about efficient commercial kitchen canopy from kitchen canopy experts.

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